Project Description

To help solve the problem of businesses losing millions every year on fuel purchase, Charles Trammel came up with the MatchMyGas database of vehicles. MatchMyGas prevents consumers from over spending on fuel purchases, whether they’re driving a rental or loaner vehicle.

Client Need

  • Branding and promotion for the MatchMyGas chart, app, website, and marketing material.
  • An app that effectively reproduces and calculates the current and targeted gas levels based on the provided chart information of more than 200 vehicles.


  • The creation of specific formulas and calculators to run them accurately in mobile form based on input from users.
  • Formulaic allowances for distances between gas pump and vehicle drop off point to ensure accurate results.
  • An intuitive, dynamic slider gauge to make fuel selections easy for users.


  • An app that effectively produces accurate results based on current and targeted gas level amounts input by users.
  • A custom designed brand and app that reflects the modern, yet professional needs of the client.
  • A accompanying app promotion website.

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