Hello again! I’d like to show you guys how to use SEO in WordPress (search engine optimization). Paying attention to your SEO is a great way to make sure you’re getting your audience directed to your page through any specific search engine. By using strategic keywords, you can bump up your page on any search engine. “How?”, you ask.. I’ll show you!

When you’ve made a page/post, chose what you’d like your ideal title to be. Let’s say you’re writing a blog post about Downtown Asheville restaurants.

First thing you should do is search “Google Keyword Planner Tool“. You’ll need to create a Google AdWords account to use this, but it’s free and very helpful.

After you’ve created an account, it will bring you to a page with four different options. Chose the first option – “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. seo-on-wordpress

Type in your ideal keyword phrase in the first entry, and click “Get Ideas”. (If you want to narrow down your audience you can chose different filters such as location and language.)seo-on-wordpress

The next page you will be brought to will have two different tabs below the bar graph. Chose the “Keyword ideas” tab. This will show you your keyword, and other suggested keywords. seo-on-wordpress

The data given shows you the average monthly searches, the competition, the suggested bid, and the ad impression share. The two most important things we want to look at is the monthly searches and the competition. We want to find a keyword that has a high average of monthly searches and a low level of competition.seo-on-wordpress

If you can see, our keyword “Downtown asheville restaurants” has an average monthly search of 880, and a low rate of competition, so it would be a great keyword phrase to use. Another ideal phrase would be “Asheville restaurants” or “Asheville nc restaurants”.

Once you’ve settled on a title, go to the google homepage and type in “allintitle: [yourkeywordphrase]”.seo-on-wordpress

You’ll want to look at the number of results and see how many pages have similar titles as your own. If there are more than 100,000 results it would be best to chose a new keyword because the competition is too high and you run the risk of loosing your page among all the others that are similar to your own. “Downtown asheville restaurants” has 15,400 results so we’re safe.seo-on-wordpress

Now we’re ready to implement all of this information into our post. Download the “WordPress SEO” plug-in by Yoast. (Refer to our FAQ post if you’re unsure of how to download a plug-in) It is the easiest way to apply SEO information.

On your post you will find the SEO plug-in below the body entry box.

Type your keyword into the box that says “Focus Keyword”. You will see below it gives you five different checkpoints. You’ll want them all to be green for the highest level of optimization.seo-on-wordpress

The first one is “Article Heading”.

Type in your article title and make sure to include your keyword phrase exactly as it is somewhere into the title. This should check off not only “article heading” but also “page title”. seo-on-wordpress

The next checkpoint is “Page URL”.

You’ll find this under the entry box for the page title. You can’t see my whole URL but I used “top-10-downtown-asheville-restaurants”. seo-on-wordpress

Next you’ll want to enter in your content, with your exact keyword phrase somewhere in the body. Then you should spread all H1,H2,H3 tags (headers) in your article. Your keyword should appear in your first paragraph and in the last sentence of the page. You should have relevant usage of bold and italics of your keyword. seo-on-wordpress

The last checkpoint is “Meta Description”, which you will find in the SEO box under the SEO title. If you do not fill this in, Google will automatically chose the first 156 characters of your content. If you chose to fill it in, make sure you use as much as the space as you can. seo-on-wordpress

Now that we’ve filled in all of the necessary fields, you’ll see that all the checkpoints are green and say “yes”. If they do not, there’s a chance your entries aren’t exactly identical to your keyword phrase.

If you plan on adding any images to your post, you’ll also want to make sure your alt text and your image title has gotten the SEO treatment.

First, upload the image you’d like to use (refer to FAQ again if you don’t know how to do this). In the box you use to add the image to your page, you’ll find a box on the right that allows you to alter the alt text and the image title. In the alt text box type in your exact keyword phrase again. For the title, you don’t necessarily have to use your keyword phrase, just use a descriptive title. Now your image is ready to be inserted into your content. seo-on-wordpress

There should be one internal link to a page on your blog and you should have one image with an alt tag that has your keyword. Apply the same treatment to all photos and all pages and you should be good to go!

Glad we could help you learn to how to use SEO in WordPress!